Claire Corrie


Claire Corrie
Director, Client Service.
Oakville office: (905) 901-3429

Claire was a natural choice for this vital role because of her genuine interest in people, extensive experience, diplomacy and eye for detail. She is an integral part of the TriDelta teams effort to deliver exceptional service.

Prior to working at TriDelta, she enjoyed a successful 30 year career with a major Canadian Chartered Bank where she worked in a variety of positions taking care of clients. Clutching her many awards and credentials she joined TriDelta Financial which promised to provide so much more for clients.

“TriDelta looks at the whole financial picture where we were able to provide innovative solutions often in partnership with some of Canada’s finest companies, it makes so much sense to consider mortgages, insurance, investments and estate planning together rather than in isolation”. By joining TriDelta Claire fulfilled all her expectations.

Clients rave about her efficient service, delivered in a caring and enthusiastic manner.

Claire has unquestionable integrity, strong family values and a love for life which ensures that she enjoys the moment.

Contact Claire today at (905) 901-3429 or email at