Investment Philosophy

We believe in a conservative, actively managed investment approach with respect to our clients’ portfolios.

We believe we can add value though actively managing fixed income and equities based on a disciplined investment process that places emphasis on qualitative and fundamental analysis, complemented by quantitative tools and risk-control measures that enhance our ability to generate above-average returns.

We believe that risk management is a clear differentiating factor in preserving the wealth of our clients. Portfolio risk is managed at TriDelta Investment Counsel by proper diversification within and across asset classes and diligently monitoring as well as proactively managing market risk by adjusting our clients’ portfolios.

As part of the investment management process, TriDelta has established the Investment Committee, which is comprised of five seasoned professionals that are responsible for the oversight and direction of the investment process. The committee members include the following:


The Investment Committee holds meetings quarterly, and if necessary on an ad hoc basis, to discuss the medium- to long-term asset mix, to review performance and to address any issues regarding investment mandates, models or the investment process.