Fixed Income

Active Fixed Income Management

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We believe that fixed income securities should provide clients with a predictable stream of income, liquidity, capital preservation, and a hedge against overall portfolio volatility.

Our investment style focuses on maximizing fixed income returns and minimizing risk primarily through the following: fundamental analysis and active portfolio management; investing in high quality, liquid securities; diligent interest rate forecasting; and, adding value through yield curve and sector (i.e., credit) analysis.

We employ rigorous analysis of macroeconomic indicators to develop a short- and medium-term view of the bond market, which guides us in developing the structure of our clients’ portfolios. We emphasize medium-term or secular themes when implementing the core portion of the portfolios. Some of these themes include the trend toward inflation/disinflation/deflation, global flow of funds, demographics, and global stock market returns.

We employ active management in our fixed income portfolios and use a variety of sources to enhance potential returns for our clients, such as duration management, yield curve allocation, global opportunities, sector allocation, and credit analysis.


Fixed Income Investment Process (PDF)